Meet our community

Fairfield is the Malting Barley Capital of the World, a trade center for farming community as well as being home to Busch Agricultural Resources. The farming community is supplied irrigation water by Greenfield Irrigation District (delivered from Gibson Dam) and supports 83,000 acres in the surrounding area.

The Fairfield community offers a dozen religious organizations plus several organizations including Lions Club, Eagles Club, Jr. Women’s Club, Community Choir and the Chamber of Commerce. The community includes a beautiful city center park complete with the swimming pool, tennis courts and playground, in addition to a professionally design golf course with the Rocky Mountain Front as a backdrop. The community offers several events throughout the year, such as the Christmas Stroll, Easter Egg Hunt, Days Gone By, Swim Day, plus many other club, school and church events.

Because of its location, Fairfield has outstanding recreational opportunities. These include Glacier National Park, Lewis and Clark National Forest, Freezout Lake, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. There are plenty of year round opportunities such as bird watching, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing and much more!

Our History

Even though the Federal Government had opened this area of Montana to homesteading in 1862, not until 1909 did settlers really come into the Fairfield area when Congress liberalized its policies, allowing settlers 320 acres of free land instead of 160. It became apparent, however, that small homesteads, 160 or 320 acres, made little sense in the vast and dry landscape of Montana.

After the Bureau of Reclamation conducted a survey that showed a dam could be built in the Sun River Canyon and water for irrigation in Fairfield area would be feasible were many more settlers attracted to Fairfield. The Sun River project was authorized by the Secretary of the Interior on February 26, 1906. The first water was delivered to division lands in 1909. Construction of Greendfields Division began in 1913, with the first water made available in 1920.

The main storage dam, Gibson, was constructed during 1926-29. Irrigation water allowed some assurance of a yearly crop for farmers which helped guarantee an economically vibrant community. Today, Greenfields Irrigation District delivers water from Gibson Dam to approximately 83,000 acres surrounding this community. This has led to Fairfields stability, growth and a bright future.